Thursday, June 14, 2012

The two-toned house

I know it has been a while since we have posted anything, but we took a little bit of a hiatus from anything house-related to regain some sanity (and get some sleep). It is my job now to get you caught up on the work we did before the break! As you may or may not remember, on day one of renovations we took large chunk of siding off the back of the house where the new addition went. Now we had to replace it...
We had a ton of conversations about what the best way to attack our siding problem would be. It came down to the following three options:
1. Match the new siding with the existing siding.
2. Re-side the whole house
3. Re-side only the back and the side where the new addition is.

We quickly crossed off option 1 when we realized it is VERY expensive to get aluminum siding (and most places don't even carry it). There would be no way to match the same color using vinyl siding, and we didn't think the current yellow color would be in the long-term plan for the house. We would have loved to go with option 2, but alas time and monetary constraints kept us from going down this path. So we were left with the third option.

We picked out a color that we could see ourselves liking long-term and wouldn't clash too much with the current color of the house - after all, its only the back. We went with Savannah Wicker - we are thinking that this color will go very nicely with black shutters and a black door and some white trim (but that is all down the road).

As you can see, we only did the lower portion of the house. Here, you can see the contrast between the two colors. Surprisingly it doesn't look bad!

On the side of the house, you can see the difference between the new and old siding. We were just happy that the new addition was perfectly square - it made for an easy job lining up all the pieces!

Since we just did the back, the view from the front and side is unaffected!

Well… almost ;)

From this view, it almost looks like a new house!


This was definitely the hardest part of the siding. We had a huge window where our future bathroom is going to be. We had to re-use aluminum siding to patch this space up. It took a lot of patience and persistence…

I am not sure if we will reside the whole house ourselves when the time comes or if we will just hire someone. It definitely wasn't a "hard" job, but very time-consuming. The real question is how long can we live with a two-toned house…

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