Sunday, May 13, 2012

And the best part of summer will be....

GRILLING! Living in an apartment for the last 4+ years has left us with a void in our lives. There has been a serious lack of deliciously grilled meat and charred veggies. We always had a grill pan, but its just not the same… While the purchase of a grill was certainly not a "necessary" one, after spending a month with very limited cooking resources we decided it was time to shake things up. Lowes had a great deal on a beautiful Chargriller with both propane and charcoal options (the foodies in us love the possibilities). We had gotten some money back from various returns so we decided to jump on it.

Now, they offered to put it together for us, but it would have taken about 4 days… and we just couldn't wait. I got this…. No problem...

I spread all the tools out that I would need… a knife and a screwdriver. This should be "easy"… Untitled
On step 4, I realized that there were no washers in the box. Luckily Steph was at Home Depot and picked some up for me. I was about to have to use this knife for evil… whew. Crisis averted… Untitled
Well… its starting to look like a grill… why do I have so many parts left? Hmmm Untitled
So many screws… so many… Untitled
My dad looking on and "supervising"… no doubt remembering many a time when he had to put up with similar situations. This time, he is not getting involved. Smart man… Untitled
Ain't nothing going to damper this guy's spirits… and yes, I look like a orphan. "Can I have some more (grilled meat), sir?"
Two day's work and a few mistakes later, we are ready to grill. Fire up that chicken! Too bad we have to grill by flashlight since we don't have outside lights yet… Oh well… baby steps…
Bring on the summer!

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